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Why Attend Wines & Paradise?

We know that exploring new wines can be a daunting task, especially when browsing online. Scores alone are no way to make a purchasing decision, and many of the bottles we see on shelves and websites we don't know and have nothing to compare them with. This is where years of retail wine knowledge and passion for all types of wines from a trustable source can pay dividends when looking to up one's wine knowledge and discover new and hidden gems.
Wines & Paradise is our monthly wine class taught by our resident wine & cheese geek, Joe Paradise (WSET Diploma Level 4 & CSW).  Each month, Joe picks a new theme to dive into featuring wines throughout the world. Classes are fun, educational and always come with wine and small bites.


Wines & Paradise Upcoming Classes...

Thursday, May 26th

Grand Cruise (Part 2)

The Great Growths of Europe and the New World

The Grand Cru System is particular to France, but the sentiment is international.  Whether talking about the Grosses Gewachs of Germany, the Pagos of Spain, hallowed houses of Australia or sacred hillsides here in Oregon.  Some of these 'Cru' designations are less formal than in France, but no less profound!  Join Wines & Paradise as we taste and discuss the Grand Cru equivalents throughout the great wine regions of the world.


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Grand Cruise (Part 1)

A Tasting Tour Through Grands & Premier Crus of France

Wines and Paradise kicks into high gear as we cruise through France's Grands Crus.  Considered to be the gold standard in wine quality, this class will explore what it means to be a ‘Cru’, who decides which wines qualify, and why it all matters.  In Part 1 we start at the beginning by discussing & tasting through Grand & Premier Cru wines of France.  Enjoy the very best of Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne and Alsace along with some specially prepared bites by oHorizon Provisions. Space for this extraordinary tasting is limited so reserve your spot today!  Hyland Members log in to save 25% on tickets.

{April 21st, 2022}



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Stay tuned for upcoming tastings including:

Roses of the World

South American Reds

Bordeaux Varietals in the New World

Art of Food Pairing

New Zealand: North Island v. South Island

Wines of Spain

The Grand Crus of France

And many more...





Joe Paradise in Action: 

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